Bridal Looks to Showcase Your Body Art

Bridal Looks to Showcase Your Body Art

Bridal Looks to Showcase Your Back Tattoos

Discover trendy and fun ideas on how to showcase your back tattoos on your wedding day. If you are a tattooed bride-to-be, make sure to check out the tips on which dresses, accessories and jewellery to wear depending on the size and design of your ink.

Have you ever been told that tattoos and wedding dresses don’t go together? Maybe one of your relatives suggested covering them up for the ceremony… For many, tattoos are an important and meaningful part of who they are and what better way to showcase your personality than on your wedding day. If you have any tattoos on your back, use this as an opportunity to feature them by choosing the right backless look. We curated a list of tips on how to make your back tattoos pop, depending on their size or design. And remember, when you take your vows, all eyes will be on your back…

Are you one of the rebellious girls who dared to cover their entire back with tattoos, or maybe even had full sleeves done? Make sure that your wedding dress is equally daring. Ditch the veil, and go with a completely sleeveless gown with a dramatically low-cut back.

If you decorated your back with mesmerizing floral tattoos or stunning dreamcatchers, it’s a great idea to opt for a boho-inspired lace dress. You can also swap the veil with a matching flower crown or floral jewel headband. Looking for something more traditional? An open-back mermaid gown paired with petal-embellished veil will work just fine.

Just one simple tattoo on your neck? No need to go completely backless. Bring attention to your little tattoo by wearing stunning back jewellery, and don’t forget about a glamorous up-do ;-)

Bridal Looks to Showcase Your Back Tattoos

Back tattoos such as subtle ornamental designs can be showcased with alluring off-the-shoulder dresses, but you can also consider one with an enchantingly sheer back to add some mystery to your simple tattoos.

Finally, if you have one of the in-vogue galaxy-themed tattoos, we have some great tips for you too. Did you get these witchy vertically-inked moon phases on your back? Go with the key-hole cut. Is it stars and planets? Choose a silver-sequined romantic gown. Is it a dreamy moon? Long sheer sleeves embroidered with pearls promise a spellbinding and captivating look.

Our Team absolutely adores tattooed brides and we are happy to help you if you are opting for a backless wedding dress to show off your body art. Tip: Having proper bust support for your backless dress will do wonders for your posture and confidence and provide the perfect canvas for your tattoos. Be sure to check out our HOLLY, MIA and UMA backless bodysuits and go rock that wedding!

- Monika Paczuska

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