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5 Steps to a more Sustainable Wardrobe

Sustainable ethical shopping

We all know how difficult it is to escape the urge of tapping into the newest fashion trends and shopping for the latest “must-have” items. How many of us are guilty of an impulse buy that we later regretted, ended up wearing once and threw to the bottom of a closet? By buying too many clothes too often, we contribute to the harmful cycle of consumption that weights heavily on our planet. You might think that one person is incapable of making a change. But think of this: what if 7 billion people thought the same? If you want to be a part of the generation making a change towards ethical and responsible living, explore the following five tips on how to green up your wardrobe.

  1. Give your unwanted clothes a second chance

Upcycling is an easy way to creatively re-use those old items that now only clutter your closet or are destined for bin. You can give your old clothes a second chance and create new outfits with a little bit of imagination like painting cool patterns with eco-dyes, cutting them to re-fashion into cropped garments or sewing patches for a one-of-a-kind look. You will not only be extremely sustainable, but you might turn heads showing off your unique D.I.Y. pieces. It’s also an amazing idea to completely repurpose the item – you can create a trendy pillowcase or a chic yet eco-friendly bag out of the old pair of denim jeans. If you are not particularly creative, organize a clothes swap with your friends or as a last resort, donate your old items to your charity of choice.

  1. Choose fabrics that are kind to the environment

An important aspect of greening up your wardrobe is choosing clothes that were made out of recyclable and environmentally-friendly materials. You can never go wrong with organic cotton, econyl (sometimes made from reclaimed fishing nets), tencel (made from regenerated cellulose) or spider silk. There are so many sustainable materials on the market nowadays, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Plus you’ll be supporting the independent businesses that make them available to us.

Second Chance

  1. Know your label

You might think some brands are sustainable because they post pictures of nature and organic food on Instagram, but let’s not forget that being environmentally conscious is so much more than that. Search for apparel brands that are fully transparent and publicly share the information on who supplies them with materials, who dyes the fabric, and who sews the clothes. If you want to remove the weight off of Mother Nature’s shoulders, inform yourself on the practices employed by your favourite fashion brands.

  1. Choose quality over quantity

Remember: you don’t have to completely turn your life around and get rid of all your old clothes, it is all about little steps that will eventually contribute to the greater cause. One easy but key step would be to invest in durable and trans-seasonal clothes to reduce consumption. We can all agree that buying ten different swimsuits for one holiday getaway or owning more than two pairs of black stilettos is excessive and not exactly sustainable. Try turning your wardrobe into a capsule collection of clothes that will work all year round and that will match with most of your outfits. Make sure the quality of the item you plan to buy is worth the money you’re spending and that it’s not going to deteriorate after two washes.

At Ender Legard we believe that minimalism and sustainability go hand in hand. We are a slow fashion company that employs socially- and environmentally-friendly practices when manufacturing our high quality lingerie and we strive to make ethical and informed choices at every step during our design and manufacturing process. Start being a part of the change today!

- Monika Paczuzka

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