How to ROCK your backless look. Effortlessly.

How to ROCK your backless look. Effortlessly.

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So you’ve decided to go backless at your wedding, your reception or on honeymoon. Great choice! Backless is undoubtedly one of the best ways to look both fashionable and sexy at the same time, so its no wonder that this year it once again features heavily in designer collections. 

Unfortunately, what no one will tell you is that it is also one of the easiest looks to get wrong if you don’t take care of the basics…
To absolutely ROCK your backless look, you’re going to need to think about bust support first. And here’s why…
• YOUR POSTURE. Having lift and support for your ‘boobs’ is going to help your posture by pulling back your shoulders and pushing out your chest. This will give you a more S-shaped side silhouette rather than the dreaded C-shape. This is true for larger cup sizes just as much as it is for smaller. Need a boost in the bra dept? Choose a lingerie solution with adjustable/ removable padding. Don’t need it? Remove the padding or choose an underwired soft-cup option instead. The best of both worlds from our UMA balconette cup and HOLLY soft cup bodysuits.
• YOUR COMFORT. By choosing a backless look, you’ve already sacrificed the security of your bra’s back band… For larger breasted women, this means the added burden of weight. Now fast forward a few hours and … you can see where I’m going with this, right? Save on back-ache. Opt for a lingerie solution that gives you the lift and support of a regular bra, but without the need for a back band. 
• YOUR CONFIDENCE. Add posture and comfort together and you get the biggest benefit of all. And what better way to showcase your best assets than walking into a room, down the aisle or on the dance floor with confidence! Your dress will fit better too. No need for costly alterations or last minute panic.

And here is how we can help you. Email us with your measurements and a pic of your dress, and we’ll help you choose the best style, colour and size of lingerie solution to help you ABSOLUTELY ROCK any backless look.  

All we need to know is your usual bra size, waist and lower hip measurement (Tip: it's the fullest part of your hip) and your height, and we’ll be able to tell you - with 98% accuracy - what will work best for you. We’ve done it a thousand times before.

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