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All you need to know about stick-on-bras for your backless look

all you need to know about silicone bra cups

Silicone stick-on-bras are seen by many as a ‘quick fix’ to the challenges some women face when wearing backless garments. They are cheap, easily available and offer all the promise of a successful backless look. But before you go out and buy some, a few words of advice…

1. Stick-on-bras (like sewn in cups) offer no real support…

None. Nada. Zip! Think about it. Your bust constantly needs to contend with the effects of gravity and movement. Over time, this stretches the Cooper Ligaments that hold your breasts in place and your boobs inevitably begin to ‘head south’. The only way to stall this movement is to have your boobs fully supported so that their movement is reduced. And this is where stick-on-cups (and sewn in cups) fall flat! Both are designed to cover your breasts but as they lack any means of supporting the weight or movement of your bust, they offer no real support, so are unfortunately, totally ineffective... 

2. They will loose stickiness after a few hours… 

You wouldn't think so judging by the power of the industrial-strength adhesive they use, but all adhesive based stick on bras are likely to loose their effectiveness over time - especially in hotter weather. Add to this the effect of body heat and sweat and you’ll be checking to re-stick yourself every few hours! Let’s face it, there is nothing worse than the feeling that your strapless bra is just about to fall off and knowing that there is nothing you can do about it!

3. Manufacturer’s Disclaimer: They are potentially harmful for your health…

Any product that comes with a manufacturer’s disclaimer on potential health hazards should be avoided! Some brands' safety guidance on appropriate wear make it clear that both the silicone and the strong adhesive glue that keeps the cups attached to your breasts may cause irritation, rashes, blistering and occasionally, allergies. It might not be true for all users, but a quick read of the countless online product reviews suggest you may still run the risk of a painful experience when removing the cups after wear. To add insult to injury, stick-on-bras are also non-returnable...



4. Silicone is not biodegradable nor widely recycled…

With a finite number of uses, silicone cups are ultimately destined for the bin. This is a problem in an age of sustainability. If you have a conscience, think about what happens after you throw out your stick on cups. They are not biodegradable and as they are rarely recycled, just end up contributing to the pollution problem by being tipped into landfills. A growing environmental disaster...

All things considered are stick-on-bras really worth the risk to your health and the environment? Rather than opting for cheap fast fashion gimmicks, consider investing in a solution that offers you the best bust support solution that money can buy. One that is designed to last. With ENDER LEGARD, you’ll always be able to wear your fashion with confidence.

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