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All you need to know about stick-on-bras for your backless look

All you need to know about stick-on-bras for your backless look

all you need to know about silicone bra cups

The web is full of gimmicks...

Take silicone stick-on-bras and boob tape for example. Cheap and easily available, they are seen by some as the ultimate a ‘quick fix’ when you want that bit of lift and support for your backless look. So why then, are they so terrible at actually delivering on their promise? Well, it’s all got to do with gravity and our uniqueness as women.

Here are 4 reasons why stick-on-bras are bad for your backless look.


1 Gravity


Stick-on-bras provide no support at all. None. Nada. Zip. And if you are larger than a B-cup, you know you need structured support. I won’t get technical, but over time the Cooper Ligaments that hold our breasts in place stretch and our boobs begin to ‘head south’. It’s biology and it’s inevitable. The only way to slow is down is to have our boobs fully supported to reduce the effect of gravity as much as possible. And this is where stick-on-cups fall flat. They are designed to stick on to your breasts. And because they have no straps or way to lift or support your boobs, all they do is just add extra weight. Not what your Cooper Ligaments - or your confidence - needs when you’re wearing a backless look!

2. Reliability


Stick-on-bras will unstick. Hard to imagine - especially when considering the industrial-strength glue used - but all adhesive based products loose their stickiness over time. Add body heat and sweat into the mix and you’ll likely be checking to re-stick yourself every few hours! And there is nothing worse than that feeling of imminent garment malfunction to spoil a night out, wedding or date night.

3. Unhealthy


Any product that comes with a health warning should be avoided imho! Some brands even go so far as list the possible side effects that the silicone and the glue may cause including skin irritation, rashes, blistering and occasionally, allergies. In fairness, that might not be true for everyone, but a quick read of online reviews suggest it’s worth bearing in mind - especially if you have sensitive skin. To add insult to injury, stick-on-bras are non-returnable...

4. Sustainability




Stick-on-cups are made to be trashed after just a few uses. It’s a problem not just for your purse, but also for the environment as the silicone used is non-biodegradable and not recyclable. In an age of growing awareness of the polluting effects of fashion, do we really need another throw-away ‘fashion’ gimmick to contribute to more landfill?

So what's the alternative?


Start by changing the way you approach buying your lingerie. Good lingerie should form the foundation on which to build your fashion look. Choose the correct undergarment, and almost anyone can rock any backless look, with confidence.

Here are my 5 tips.

backless bodysuit with bust support ani stick on cups

1. For backless, a bodysuit with cup support is best. It has to do with the garment’s balance. Since there’s no back band, your hips need to act as the counterweight to support your breasts and only a bodysuit with structured support can provide this.

2. Always choose a cup style that suits your boobs’ shape and size. For a fuller bust, a soft cup usually wins. Or if you have asymmetric boobs (one larger than the other), a cup that allows you to pad out the smaller side will even out your profile.

3. Pay attention to the details. A good bodysuit should include a hook and eye clasp in the gusset for bathroom calls (yay!) and have interchangeable straps for when you want to swap out or replace  fabric straps for clear straps or visa versa.

4. Consider the garment fabric. For comfort, opt for a fabric that is light and breathable, yet still fits snugly. Avoid anything that makes you feel hot and sweaty.

5. Always choose quality over quantity. A well made backless bodysuit like our JONI, FRANKIE, UMA or HOLLY may cost you more, but will outlast any disposable 'bra' and give you confidence every time you wear it. Treat it like a personal investment. You deserve it.

- Asia Smaga, designer & co-founder // ENDER LEGARD

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