5 Basic Breast Shapes that Rock a Backless Look

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We’re all unique and nowhere more so than when it comes to the size and shape of our boobs.

From full-bodied DD/E-cup ‘melons’ right down to the ‘pick n mix’ variety of asymmetrical breasts (yep, you’ve probably also got one smaller than the other!) finding a lingerie solution thats supportive, comfortable and right for a low back/ backless look, can sometimes be a challenge.

Luckily, lingerie design and fabric technologies have come a long way! From confidence-boosting bodysuits that support an E-cup (while still being completely backless) to cleavage enhancing corsets that seemingly defy gravity, there really is a solution to accommodate almost every boob variety!

Yep, we no longer need to limit our fashion choices on account of our bust shape or size.

Here are 5 Basic Breast Shapes that Rock a Backless Look (with a bit of help)

#1. The Russ Meyers 

Round and full, these are a challenge even on a good day (!) but still not impossible. If you want to wear a backless dress, jumper or open back top just choose a lingerie solution with underwired, soft cups that gives you full coverage without adding any extra volume.

Our HOLLY bodysuit works well here by providing all the lift and support you’ll need. Guaranteed. Pro Tip: Avoid stick on bras or boob tape. Seriously. They have no way to lift or support you and will just add additional weight to your already ample bosoms.

#2. The Slopes

Slimmer at the top and fuller at the bottom, this teardrop shape is a perfect candidate for a balconette style cup. This will have the effect of pushing up some of the breast tissue for a more fuller-at-the-top look.

Our stretch lace UMA bodysuit style has proved to be a winner for this shape (and we have a patent to prove it ;-)

#3. The Freelancers

Like best friends who no longer talk to each other, this butterfly shape requires an intervention! Bring them closer with an underwired, structured cup for some confidence boosting cleavage.

Both our UMA or HOLLY bodysuits will do the trick here while avoiding the creation of a mono-boob.

#4. The Variety Pack

Having asymmetrical breasts where one boob is bigger than the other, is actually kinda normal. And while it may be a bit more challenging when going for a truly backless look, it's super easy to remedy! Just choose a lingerie solution with cup style that has removable padding and then select a size to fit the larger breast. You can then use padding from the size that does not need it to build up the side that does to create your own perfectly matching pair!

Our UMA and MIA bodysuits both have pockets for extra padding to do this perfectly ;-)

#3. The Owl

Round, a handful and always wide awake, this shape seemingly has it all. If you’re lucky enough to (still?) own a pair of these, then choosing a cup shape that gives you the most flexibility, is the way to go.

A bodysuit style like our UMA has proven to be the winner here time and time again.

As you can tell, rocking your backless look has more to do with the lift and support you give your boobs than their size or shape. So next time the idea of going bra-less gives you cold shivers, take a breath. The solution is probably a lot simpler than you think. Reach out. We'd be happy to help

- Asia Smaga

A little about me: I get a buzz out of solving problems. So when I challenged myself to design a lingerie solution for backless fashion, I knew I had my work cut out for me. 4 years on, with a newly granted patent and reams of glowing feedback from customers worldwide, I think I may have just succeeded. Here's what your favourite designer or boutique thinks about our lingerie solutions and here is what women just like you, have to say about us.

Whatever Your Occasion. We Make Backless, Easy

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How our lingerie solutions have helped others...

I’m over the moon with my lingerie from Ender Legard! It fits so perfectly and is so comfortable to wear. I really struggled to find something that would work under my wedding dress but this is perfect! The lovely Asia was so helpful in suggesting the best piece for me and taking some simple measurements. I’ll definitely be wearing my bodysuit again and again after the wedding! - Hannah 

The bodysuit was perfect for my dress! I became incredibly stressed about the bra situation until I found you guys. The bodysuit was SO comfortable. It was very thin so it didn't feel like it added any extra material under my dress, and it gave me the extra confidence I needed in that dress on my wedding day. Thank you so much for your quick responses and guidance throughout the process! - Alex

My dress looked amazing and my ENDER LEGARD bodice was amazing and fitted perfectly with my dress and the low back it had. It also held me in place in all the right places! (As a 32D girl this is important -especially as the dress had no structure to it!) I bought lots of stick on bras from ASOS, Amazon and also the more expensive Bravissimo but none worked for me and with my dress. - Jennifer 

I struggled for ages to find the right underwear for my dress due to the low cut back and having large boobs. No bra was not an option! I stumbled across ENDER LEGARD and they were so helpful with helping find the right underwear from their amazing options and sizes! The underwear was perfect and I even recommended it to a friend who had the same struggles! She bought it straight away! - Kila

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