Real Bride: Kila Walwyn-Smith

Real Bride: Kila Walwyn-Smith

"I struggled for ages to find the right underwear for my dress due to the low cut back and having large boobs No bra was not an option! I stumbled across ENDER LEGARD and they were so helpful with helping find the right underwear from their amazing options and sizes! The underwear was perfect and I even recommended it to a friend who had the same struggles! She bought it straight away! I would highly recommend ENDER LEGARD to everyone. I also now have an amazing piece of underwear I can where again again. The underwear was a lifesaver."

- Kila Walwyn-Smith @kila17

Bodysuit: HOLLY Backless Lace (UK34DD)
Dress: @RueDeSeineBridal
Venue: @BuryCourtBarn
Florist: @lilylupinfloraldesign
Make Up: @amygoodemua /@AmyGoodeMakeupArtist
Photographer: @daleweeksphoto

Backless lingerie shaper Rue De Seine wedding dress
Backless bridal bodysuit Rue De Seine
Rue De Seine and Ender Legard
Kila and Richard Wedding Pics
Kila Walwyn-Smith Rue De Seine Ender Legard Bodysuit

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