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My wedding is in a few weeks, Please ship quickly! Everything else I have found has failed me!


Wedding Stress

True Story. And sadly something we hear all the time from brides to be.

Admittedly, we’re partly to blame. We’re still a little hard to find online, so when brides do reach out for our help, we know that for many it is their last chance to find a credible solution before their big day.

Yet frustratingly, this is often still not enough to convince them to invest in an underpinning lingerie solution that will give them the support to walk down the aisle full of confidence.

Sure we have all the designer endorsements you could want - from Rue De Seine and Claire Pettibone to Lovers Society and others. Sure we have the support of entrepreneurs like Lanie List (founder of Lovely Bride) and we also have all the customer testimonials a brand could wish for…

Yet for some brides, it just isn't enough. For them, any expense on something that no one is *technically* going to see, is just not a priority.

$350 for an extra layer on their wedding cake? You bet! $400 on 'favours' for your guest's tables? Sure! 

And this is before the hundreds of dollars you’ll need to spend for last minute alterations (yes, someone is inevitably going to try and convince you that sewn in cups will work - it’s not their wedding after all and besides, you’re unlikely going to be a returning customer) Plus there’s the money you’ve already spent trying those silicone stick on bras (ouch!) and other ‘backless’ bodysuits from Amazon that promised the world but fell short on delivering.

Ladies, let's get real. 

If you have chosen a backless dress and are anything over a C-cup, you’re going to need structured support. End. Of. Story.

It’s tempting to hope that your $$$ boho backless dress is going to do all the hard work for you, but here's a reality check. It’s not. The truth is that unless it has some kind of structure built in to it, it will not be able to support your bust.

An ENDER LEGARD bodysuit is the missing piece of the puzzle. There’s nothing quite like it on the market. We’ve looked. And so have the 1000’s of women worldwide that have come to us for help.

Time to make a decision.

Are you really going to join those other brides who left it to the last minute before deciding to 'wing it' with sewn in cups or stickies? Or are you going to make the best decision you ever made (apart from saying YES when your partner proposed ;-) and invest in looking stunning on your Special Day.

It should be an easy choice!

(Then again... everyone loves those little bags of sugared almonds, don't they?)

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