5 Tips for a Sustainable Wedding

5 Tips for a Sustainable Wedding

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While wedding ceremonies are an unforgettable celebration of the commitment and ever-lasting love between you and your significant other, we often tend to forget about how much environmental impact one night can have on our planet. Green up your wedding so the future you’re about to build does not affect the future of your children. If you’re worried about sacrificing the flair of your party by going sustainable, don’t! We came up with five tips on how to plan an eco-conscious wedding without compromising style.

1. Celebrate your love outdoors

Sustainable wedding outdoors ender legardHaving decided you want a sustainable wedding, begin by considering eco-friendly venues that minimize the use of energy. Outdoor settings such as botanical gardens, forests or even your own backyard are a great solution, and promise peaceful atmosphere. When the sun goes down and the guests get merrier, candles and solar panels can provide them with necessary lighting for the fun to continue. If you have dreamt of an indoor wedding, simply search for LEED-certified venues that prioritize local communities and environment.

2. Choose your décor items & invites wisely

Flowers are a staple of all weddings, but try researching which ones are currently in season to help reduce carbon footprint, or even make them from scratch with recyclable paper. Alternatively, dazzle your guests by gifting them with the floral decorations once the wedding comes to an end. To leave a lasting impression on your friends, it’s a great idea to use fallen leaves and biodegradable ink to create name holders. And how about sending out planet-friendly invites? Many stationery stores like Botanical Paper Works produce them out of plantable paper while tailoring the design just for you.

3. Join the organic food trend

You can make a great difference for our planet by choosing an eco-conscious catering service that specializes in seasonal organic foods. Support a bakery from your community and surprise your guests with a delicious vegan wedding cake made solely from locally sourced ingredients. We promise that vegan cakes can be just as good, and are undoubtedly a healthier alternative!

4. Ask for less and give more

Sustainable wedding tips ender legardPlanning an ethical wedding also means considering earth-friendly registry. You may ask your guests to opt for sustainable alternatives such as organic bedding, recycled glassware or cruelty-free bath products. If you are willing to, ask for a charitable donation to a non-profit organization in lieu of tangible presents. When deciding on wedding favours, D.I.Y. homemade jams or soaps prove to be a meaningful nature-friendly solution. You can also gift potted succulents that will continue flourishing long after your party, just like the love in your marriage.

5. Say “yes” to ethical bridal fashion

Choose a wedding dress that is produced with sustainable materials or imbue your guests with sentiment by walking down the aisle in your mother’s old bridal gown. If you had already found your perfect dress, use your creativity to repurpose or upcycle it.

Take one step further and choose sustainable lingerie to wear under your special dress! At Ender Legard, we offer undergarment solutions that are manufactured solely in factories that employ responsible business practices. We wholeheartedly encourage green weddings, but most importantly believe that each bride deserves to wear fashion with confidence!

- Monika Paczuska

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